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- my name is Joanne Weaver and I would like to give a shout out to Pinellas point rehab from the time I set foot in to their facility everyone was so nice and friendly and I think the rehab group for their time and patience with me to get me back to where I should be from my heart❤️ I thank you
Joann Weaver
Very nice staff: patient and understanding.
Friendly Staff and very resident oriented!
Karyn Rizzo-Jimenez
Great place to work! This team cares about taking the best care of our residents and creates a fun environment every day.
Karyn Rizzo-Jimenez
I had stomach surgery, l couldn't even stand up when l came to Pinellas point. The staff was great & very helpful. Now lam up walking feel a hundred percent better.
Dennis Brill
I had lots of help with my transition from hospital to here and now I'm going home. Don't know if I could've done it without all the friendly help I received, everyone was positive reinforcement in order to help me return home. I've been to many places and nothing quite like the food here; I always looked forward to the delicious meals. All of the rehab staff are knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. Upon my arrival I needed extra time completing task in which the nursing and therapy staff were very patient with me. Nursing made it clear that it was okay to ask for help, they were always there to lend a helping hand. Thank you so much - won't forget you all !!!
Blanche Grimes
My name is Elizabeth Panus and as a resident of Pinellas Point Nursing and Rehabilitation Center since April 2, 2021, I was very pleasantly surprised by the kindness, helpfulness and professionalism of the staff. There were a few staff members who were inconsistent in their care, but for the most part I am very pleased with my overall care and feel I made great gains with all their help and resources. The nursing staff, led by the the DON, were always on time with my meds and care, and answered all my questions. They took care of my concerns, big and small -- from glucose tests and administering meds to getting me water and snacks, and helping me to shower. They even treated me to my favorite drinks (green tea & bottled water). They were willing to WORK WITH ME while managing my diabetes and sincerely listened to my input as I shared 45 years of experience living with this disease. It was refreshing to find individuals who "got me", and actually LISTENED and truly understood my needs! The CNA's delivered fresh water daily & whenever I needed it, helped me with my meals, clothes and dressing. They beautifully made up my bed every morning and were always available even to take me outside in the sun to walk and enjoy the fresh air. The Rehab Staff ; led by Barbara Booker, are exceptional and I feel that I made my most physical gains in over 2 years while I was here at Pinellas Point. The PTA Shantelle and the COTA Rachelle addressed all of my daily functioning needs that I was previously having difficulty with after GI issue, spine injury and Diabetes. I truly believe a nursing home and rehab center is only as good as their Rehab Staff. Everyone on the entire Rehab Team went over and beyond to accommodate my schedule, my moods and my fatigue. They were very positive and greeted me every morning with a smile which in turn helped me to participate to my fullest potential. Most importantly, they made my rehab fun and even when I felt grumpy, I looked forward to it. When in the Rehab gym, I was acknowledged and spoken to even if I was not working with a certain therapist. As I get ready to move on to the next stage at an Assisted Living Facility, I feel stronger, more confident and especially hopeful due to the care I received at Pinellas Point. I highly recommend Pinellas Point for anyone looking for Rehab services. Also, I just wanted to say the food is delish!!!!
Shantelle Pittman
Rehab Dept., Absolutely Awesome. Their Staff are very professional but also very caring. You are more than just a patient. You're treated with respect and lots of TLC. They work with you at your pace and encourage you while building not only your strength but your confidence as wel. I have to say I left there Dancing Literally. Great place and people.
Stephanie Hartford
The best therapy team in Tampa Bay, awesome job. I thank them for helping me recover and return home.
LIllie hannah
Therapy team is great! Help me reach my short term goals of returning home. Nursing staff caring and friendly
Ali Jabbar
I have been a resident for a few months now, staff is caring and helpful, I am very happy with the services provided to me!
Sharon Bryant
Pinellas Point Nursing & Rehab is a great place to work, as an employee here, I can attest how the whole staff is very courteous, helpful and truely care about their resident! We are a Five Star building and JCAHO accredited...Just a great environment for both, the residents and staff!
Marjorie Lacy
All staff is friendly always willing to help
Buggas Creations
Great customer service, friendly and kind staff!!!
Michelle Shine
Great place to work, friendly staff caring and compassionate team! As a resident advocate I can truly say Southern health care really cares about the needs of the residents!!
Holly Bonvillain
Awesome place! As a employee here at Pinellas Point I see great care every day! My Grandmother’s health started to decline I thought what better place than Pinellas Point! And for that Pinellas Point Rehab you SHINE!
Tiffany Hampton
I presently work here at Pinellas Point and enjoy coming to work daily. The staff take great care of the residents. Management team is great.
Barbara Booker
Been working here for over 2 years amazing, care is wonderful and the team is by far one of the best in the state!!!
Nathaniel Sanders
Great place to work!
Shawn Taylor
I have been working in the healthcare profession for nearly 16 years and have toured several skilled nursing facilities during that time. After a recent visit to Pinellas Point Nursing and Rehab, I can tell you that this facility is clean and has a very professional and supportive staff. As a healthcare worker, I strongly recommend this facility for short term rehab, long term care, and for employment opportunities. I rate Pinellas Point FIVE STARS!!!!
Monica Greenlaw